An Old School Magic: the Gathering Event

On December 11th, 2021, the bravest mages & wizards will seek battle.

An invitational tournament open to those who dare venture North. And to those who seek a safe and fun gathering of spells, arcade games and pinball.

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You have been cordially invited to attend THE SLAMMVITATIONAL - Old School Invitational tournament!

The inaugural SLAMMVITATIONAL will take place within Tilt Arcade Bar in Toronto. This event marks a return to in-person paper Magic where Wizards and Mages may tap, flick and flip their cards within a safe and welcoming environment.

Tilt Arcade Bar will be the host of the first-ever SLAMMVITATIONAL. The whole suite of arcade, pinball, and console machines offered by Tilt will be open for Free Play to all guests. Meaning that between matches, card trading, and beverages -- you'll have access to dozens of awesome games from 1993-1994 and beyond.

Tilt will also be serving drinks on a CASH BAR basis. Please be respectful and be sure to tip your servers accordingly. Food is yet to be determined and will be contingent upon interest and registration numbers.

This tournament will follow BOREAL rules, will be PROXY FRIENDLY, and will have a SWISS FORMAT (note: changed from double elimination)

Event Overview


The Entry Fee for this event is $25 per attendee. These fees go directly towards the cost of the venue.

While we recognize that this is not an insignificant amount of money for anyone; this is to cover the cost of what is expected to be a unique event. Attendees will have access to the complete suite of arcade, console and pinball games available at Tilt Toronto on FREE PLAY mode, and access to Tilt Toronto's full service bar.

Any fees collected over and above the venue costs will be donated to The Red Door Family Shelter --


Boreal OS rules:

Proxy Cards will be welcome. You may have as many proxies in your deck as you please. Please see the SLAMMVITATIONAL RULES for more info.


**note the tournament structure has been switched from double elimination to 5 round swiss due to time restrictions in the space.**


1) All OS players are welcome. Please be courteous to your fellow wizards and mages. Everyone is there to have fun.

2) Proxies are welcome. If you do wish to use a proxy; please ensure that the card is easily identifiable to your opponent. It is heavily encouraged that you put some effort into your proxies so that they approximate the real card and so that opponents can easily determine the board state.

3) COVID Guidelines are in effect. If you do not agree in principle with these guidelines, I merely ask that you respectfully decline from attending.

From Tilt: As we are a bar/restaurant we are required to enforce both proof of vaccination and indoor mask policies as outlined by the Ontario government. All guests will be required to show both proof of vaccination as well as matching physical, photo identification.

4) Don't be a jerk.

THESE RULES ARE ZERO TOLERANCE. If at the tournament organizer's discretion you are breaking these easily followed rules, you will be asked to leave the premises. Your Entry Fee will not be refunded.

Event Details

DATE: December 11th, 2021

TIME: 10 AM - 4 PM EST

VENUE: Tilt Arcade Bar - Toronto, ON --


Accept Your Invitation to The Gathering

Register for the inaugural THE SLAMMVITATIONAL OS MTG INVITATIONAL today.

*TOURNAMENT IS FULL* Sign up for General Admission Here